Tucked away in the southwestern part of Michigan, Colon offers just about everything you want or need. Experience Great fishing and water sports in one of our several lakes.

Located next to Coldwater Michigan, Colon boasts many of the amenities of a larger city yet keeps that ‘small town’ feel year around. We offer a Grocery, Pharmacy, Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian, Auto Dealership, Post Office, Laundromat and several restaurants to visit. There is something for everyone here!

Colon is a 1.7 square mile village in St. Joseph County. The village is located in Michigan’s south central region that proudly declares itself as the “Magic Capital of the World.”  Colon is home to Abbott’s Magic Company, the Magic Get Together, Lakeside Cemetery, and the Blackstone history that started it all.

Before television and Las Vegas stage shows, Harry Blackstone and company summered here in the small village between Sturgeon and Palmer Lakes. Driving around the Kalamazoo area, Inez Blackstone, then wife of the Great Blackstone, spotted what would become Blackstone Island – a mint farm and respite for the crew, show animals, and a number of visitors.



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124 St. Joseph St.
Colon, MI 49040 US

Region: Colon

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Abbott's Magic Company

124 St. Joseph St.
Colon, MI 49040
United States
Region: Colon

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